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Arizaro East Property

Value Proposition The Arizaro East property is a highly prospective property and is largely underexplored despite being situated in the “Lithium Triangle”.
Property Property comprised of 2,709 hectares of lithium brine-clay prospects.
Location Located within the eastern portion of the Salar de Arizaro in north-western Argentina in Los Andes Department, Salta Province.
Target Summary Southern part of the Property is composed of fine sediments, sands and clays of Quaternary age, with the presence of salt at surface. Sandstones, volcanic sandstones, siltstone, pelites, tufa, gypsum and halite that correspond to deposits of Tertiary age compose the northern part of the Property. Mineral occurrences include lithium, borates, sulfates with halite and gypsum.
Ownership 100% of the property.

The Arizaro East Property is located in the geological province called the Puna, within the Austral Puna Sub-Province and to the south of the Mega Structure Calama-Olacapato-Toro, in the northeastern sector of the Salar de Arizao and 22 km approximately to the southwest of the Tolar Grande Village.

Arizaro East Property

Noram conducted an initial surface sampling campaign on the 2,709 hectares.

The property covers an area in the Salar de Arizaro, a basin where a saline crust of varying thickness is present. To better understand the extent of the presence of lithium the Company is encouraged to determine the potential for hosting lithium baring subsurface layers by carrying out a geoelectrical survey within the area. Furthermore, by extending the survey to the wider area of the Arizaro Salar, it is possible to establish whether the sub-basin – a significant part of which the property is covering - is hydrologically connected or isolated with respect to the main basin.

This survey could also provide relevant data on the depth, thickness and resistivities of subsurface strata, which, inferably, could be associated with brine saturation of the sediments. Other companies planning, developing and implementing similar exploration activities in the immediate vicinity of the Arizaro East Property include NNEL Holding Corp (former Lithium X), LSC JV with Pluspetrol (Litica Resources), Argentina Lithium and Eramite.